Cambodia National Mekong Committee

Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC) is a governmental institution operating under the direct supervision of the Royal Government of Cambodia. Its main mission is the coordination in management, protection, conservation and development of water and other related resources in the Mekong River Basin. 

The goal of CNMC is to encourage, maintain and strengthen good cooperation in the Mekong Region and improve the effectiveness in the management and development of the Mekong River in Cambodia and in the region. CNMC works towards improved sustainability of Cambodia and other countries of the Lower Mekong Basin who are members of the Mekong River Commission (MRC).

CNMC works together with other National Mekong Committees in coordinating the effective implementation of the 1995 Mekong Agreement as well as the preparation and implementation of projects and programmes under the MRC's Sustainable Development Framework for water and related resources in the Mekong River Basin.