Hue University

Hue University, formerly known as The University of Hue, was initially established in March 1957. After the reunification of the country in 1975, independent colleges were established in Hue on the basis of the existing faculties of The University of Hue. According to the Government Decree No. 30/CP dated 4 April 1994, Hue University was born by reorganizing all colleges in Hue. Hue University is responsible for training students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to do research and apply science and technology within multiple disciplines to serve the construction and development of Vietnam, and particularly the Central and Western Highlands of Vietnam.

Hue University determines to pursue the following objectives:

  • Develop current undergraduate and postgraduate training in response to modern and multi-disciplinary trends under the principle of research-based education;
  • Speed up strategic research and technology application and transfer;
  • Foster qualified faculty, staff and leadership who satisfy the demand for improving training quality and increasing its scope;
  • Increase international collaboration to integrate Hue University into the global higher education and to ensure the university’s position as a regional and worldwide center of cooperation and exchange;
  • Invest in modern and standard facilities and infrastructure.

Hue University wishes to expand and develop international cooperation programs in training, scientific research, and student exchange.  The university is also looking forward to receiving consideration and sharing from national and international universities, individuals, and organizations in the hopes of soon becoming a research-based university that approaches the levels of top regional and global universities.