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  • Dr Tran Thanh Be earned his PhD in Agriculture from University of Sydney (ACIAR scholarship) in 2004 following a Masters of Systems Agriculture from University of Western Sydney - Hawkesbury (Winrock scholarship) in 1994. Dr. Be has been a driving force behind the sustainable agricultural development in the Mekong Delta region holding key research positions. He joined the Mekong Delta Development Institute in 1978 and rose to the position of Director. In 2010 he became the Director of Can Tho City Institute of Socio-Economic Development Studies.
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  • Dr. Bach Tan Sinh has more than twenty years experience on policy analysis in the field of science, technology and innovation policy as well as environment and sustainable development in Vietnam. He has been conducting over the last five years research on governance and institutions of disaster risk management including flood management and climate change adaptation. Dr.
  • I am an enthusiastic, recent graduate in Development, Environment and Cooperation with a specialisation in Environmental Economics and Policy. I previously interned at the Stockholm Environment Institute – Asia Centre in Bangkok, contributing to a Regional Assessment led by SEI under the Sustainable Mekong Research Network (SUMERNET) on water scarcity issues arising from seasonal drought, inter-annual climate variability and climate change.
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  • Specialising in communications, Rajesh is a writer, researcher and filmmaker focusing on natural resources and governance issues in the Mekong region for the past 15 years. His special areas of interest include resource governance especially local forest management, knowledge systems, upland livelihoods and Mekong ecosystems.
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  • An ecologist and environmental economist by training, Dr. Hu Tao is a veteran with an insider’s perspective on China's environmental policy. With almost two decades of experience of working at the Policy Research Center of China's Ministry of Environmental Protection, Dr. Hu Tao has witnessed and participated in the formulation of a wide array of national environmental policy recommendations.
  • Fiona Miller conducts research on the social and equity dimensions of environmental change in the Asia Pacific, notably Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as Australia. She has applied and theoretically-informed knowledge of society-environment relations, specialising in social vulnerability, society-water relations, resilience, adaptation and social impact assessment.
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  • WIN HTUT AUNG is a Certified Public Accountant of Myanmar and holder of Master of Business Administration from Yangon Institute of Economics.
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  • Mr. Chhun Delux is a Deputy Chief of Forest Carbon Credits and Climate Change Office, Forestry Administration, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fishery (MAFF), Cambodia. He has seven years of experience involving with community based- forest management, and community development project, and he is currently one of the Cambodia REDD+ safeguards technical team members. He has extensive experienced involved with two national REDD+ demonstration projects in Cambodia. Aside from working with the government Mr.
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