Workshop on science communication for water diplomacy

Panel on "Media coverage of the Brahmaputra, Salween, and Mekong River Basins: Similarities, differences, and relative risks"

By Rajesh Daniel , Oung Kham Oo
Jun 20, 2022

Rajesh Daniel, Head of Communications, Stockholm Environment Institute-Asia will present his perception on media and environment in the Mekong and Chindwin Basin (Myanmar) during the afternoon session:  Media coverage of the Brahmaputra, Salween, and Mekong River basins – similarities, differences, and relative risks.

This workshop will, for the first-time, bring media and academic community into one platform, physically, and strives to strengthen the trust and confidence between these two communities. The workshop would also discuss the issues plaguing the basin for decades, like floods and erosion in the lower Brahmaputra basin. It would bring varied perspectives from multiple stakeholders, bringing in knowledge from the ground via media and civil society organisations and discuss the relevant policies present for disaster risk reduction. Journalists have a crucial role to play in creating inspirational and transformative narratives relating to the world's complex water conflicts, and it's time that we engage them meaningfully through region specific initiatives.

To join the workshop:

Meeting ID: 927 4444 0432
Passcode: 747057

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