Gender Action Plan Training Workshop

11 November 2022 | 09:00 - 12:30
Hotel Pullman Bangkok G, Gallery 4 Room, 36th floor

The gender needs assessment survey was conducted in 2021 by SUMERNET with active participation of all research and joint action projects funded under SUMERNET 4 All. The survey results provided the insights into what types of gender-related needs the projects have. The findings show that the majority (78.9%) of the projects identified having more gender mainstreaming capacity needs during the implementation stage of the projects and a very small percentage (26%) of the projects reported having more gender needs for the dissemination stage. Among all 19 projects, four projects reported having no difficulty in gender mainstreaming because the project teams have a lot of experience in integrating gender into projects. While implementing the project, project team members from different countries can learn from each other within their projects.
The Gender Reflection Workshop was organized last November to expand knowledge sharing opportunity beyond the projects. All project teams, their boundary partners, gender advisors and other resource persons were invited to participate to exchange their experiences to help each other to overcome pressing challenges in integrating gender into their projects for positive impacts in reducing water insecurity for all in the future.
This Gender Action Plan Training Workshop will be organized to provide guidelines on how to develop the gender action plan (GAP) at the institutional level for all project teams. The advisors will present real examples that makes it easier to grasp the tool. The advisors will also probe and stimulate participants to reflect, share and apply their real-life experiences drawn from their respective projects during the training, ultimately contributing to the development of their GAPs. The course is also a great opportunity for project teams from multiple cultures and backgrounds to meet and exchange challenges and ideas on how to successfully develop an action plan at their institution in the future.


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Gender Action Plan Training Workshop

Event date

Friday 11 November 2022
09:00 - 12:30


Hotel Pullman Bangkok G, Gallery 4 Room, 36th floor

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