SUMERNET Young Professionals (SYP)

SUMERNET Young Professionals (SYP)

The SUMERNET Young Professionals (SYP) seeks to strengthen knowledge, capacity and skill of young researchers, development practitioners, and graduate students in the Mekong region, and build network between Mekong citizens.






  • Context and overview

    The SUMERNET Young Professionals (SYP) is the initiative of young professionals in the Mekong region contributing to the networking, development and growth of early to mid-career researchers and individuals in their respective fields.

    SYP's core mission is to actively engage young professionals in the Mekong region through a bottom-up approach. It offers a platform for networking, sharing experiences, insights, and skills, fostering the continuous development of its members. This approach also includes strengthening partnerships and promoting cross-collaboration among the young members. The collaborative efforts extend to driving change in various areas, including environmental research, policy, science communication, and more.

  • Background

    Originally named the SUMERNET Youth Network, it was initiated in 2021 under the Sustainable Mekong Research Network (SUMERNET). The core team at the time comprised SUMERNET Fellows and dedicated young professional SUMERNET members. Together, they organized a series of virtual events, ranging from webinars on innovative methodologies and environmental health to online training workshops on proposal writing and publishing blogs. These initiatives received significant attendance and support from SUMERNET Advisors, SSC, Secretariat, and other young professionals within the network.

    In late 2022, a new core team was formed, incorporating additional members from the latest cohort of SUMERNET Fellows and country coordinators from the 6 Mekong countries namely Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. This team opted to rebrand the initiative, transitioning from the SUMERNET Youth Network to SUMERNET Young Professionals (SYP) to better reflect the early career individuals in the team.

  • Goals and objectives

    SUMERNET Young Professionals (SYP) pushes to enhance regional ownership of the network through a bottom-up initiative from young professionals of SUMERNET network that aims to:  

    1. Build a network of young professionals from the Mekong Region in the field of environmental science.  
    1. Strengthen research skills and capacity of young professionals in the Mekong Region.  
    1. Provide a platform for young professionals to exchange ideas about environmental challenges and solutions.  
    1. Facilitate cooperation and friendship among young members in the network with other SUMERNET network members, partner organisations and beyond.  


    Photo: Variya Plungwatana / SEI Asia.

  • Key activities in 2023-2024





    • SYP develops partnerships and networking, SYP has partnered with Lancang Mekong Cooperation and Vietnam Academy Social Studies, promoting SUMERNET brand to young professionals in the region and beyond. Link


    Photo: Variya Plungwatana / SEI Asia.

  • Governance

    The network is governed through the SUMERNET Program Steering Committee, the Program Secretariat, and Program Advisors.

    Management team members

    • Boripat Lebel, SYP advisor, Thailand
    • Phan Thanh Thanh, SYP advisor, Vietnam
    • Bouanong Lathouly, SYP lead, Laos
    • Khaing Su Lwin, SYP lead, Myanmar 
    • Sovannarong Tim, SYP lead, Cambodia
    • Chea Sameang, SYP lead, Cambodia
    • Hein Htet Zaw, SYP country coordinator, Myanmar
    • Souphavanh Sengsouphanh, SYP country coordinator, Laos
    • Suthinee Rakkusol, SYP country coordinator, Thailand
    • Chanratanak Nay, SYP country coordinator, Cambodia
    • Lan Phuong, SYP country coordinator, Vietnam
    • Bin Liang, SYP country coordinator, China
    • Yujie Zhang, SYP country coordinator, China
    • Sithu Lin, SYP supporter, Myanmar
    • Awnkham Oo, SYP supporter, Myanmar


  • Project Team

  • Address:

    10th Floor, Kasem Uttayanin Building, 254 Chulalongkorn University

    Henri Dunant Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330 Thailand


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