Phonevilay Soukhy

Phonevilay Soukhy is SUMERNET’s fellow supporting component 1 on multi-stakeholder engagement. 
She has a background in environmental science and management. In the past, she worked at Northern Agriculture and Forestry College(NAFC) for two and half years as a coordinator and also a co-founder of the Green Environmental Team (GET) at the NAFC. During working at NAFC she had a chance to work as a research assistant and had experienced in doing a field survey, interviewing and data analysis. Her visionary perspective has earned her opportunities to work global, especially to have a chance to work with international organization likes SEI.
She likes to go hiking, take photos and after the SUMERNET fellowship program, she has a plan to pursue her master degree in water engineering and management. 


SUMERNET Fellowship Program (Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Component)



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