Unchulee Lualon

Unchulee Lualon is a Programme Coordinator of SUMERNET. She joined the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia Centre as Programme Coordinator in May 2018. She supports activities and projects under the Water Cluster, mainly the Sustainable Mekong Research Network (SUMERNET) and Sustainable Water Partnership (SWP).

Unchulee also has experience in supporting and coordinating various capacity building programmes and training activities targeting Asian and African government officials, in addition to airports, seaports and airlines under the Reducing Opportunity for Unlawful Transport of Endangered Species (USAID ROUTES)  programme while she was supporting the Communications team at the NGO Freeland.

She was previously with Institute for Global Environment Strategies (IGES) at their Bangkok Regional Centre, where she managed contracts and all financial issues related to the ADAPT Asia Pacific Project. She prepared and negotiated contracts and coordinated with government line agencies and institutions.

Unchulee also has experience in project management in number of diverse areas, including freshwater ecology. She received her Masters of Science (MSc) degree in Environmental Biology from Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.


Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia Centre


Component 4 (Project Management) Assistant



Sustainable Mekong Research Network

Building research for policy towards sustainable development in the Mekong Region

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