Outhai Soukkhy

Dr. Outhai Soukkhy is a co-chair of the SUMERNET Steering committee. He is a lecturer, Farms consultants and Deputy Director of Northern Agriculture and Forestry College (NAFC). He is also served CIAT Supervisor, steering committee for SURAFCO project (SDC); SUMERNET phase II, III, and IV. Dr. Outhai has published more than 10 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and presented more than 10 conference papers ranging from climate change impacts and adaptation in agriculture sector, Agroforestry, food security,  climate change and poverty reduction. His recent book publications include Climate Change Impacts on Food Security and Livelihoods (SEI), Reducing Climate risks to small-scale rice farmers: imperative for local government action in lao PDR and Philippines (SUMERNET II), and  Responses to Flooding in ASEAN – A Case Study of Selected Villages in lao PDR (SEI).


Northern Agriculture and Forestry College (NAFC) Luang Prabang


Deputy Director



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