Natalia Biskupska

Natalia Biskupska is a Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant of SUMERNET, and a Programme Coordinator with SEI Asia. She joined SEI in 2014.

Natalia has a background in disaster risk reduction, climate change and gender. Her work focuses on coordinating projects and conducting research under SEI Asia’s Clusters on Gender, Environment and Development, and Climate Change, Disasters and Development.

She is also involved in SEI’s Initiative on Climate Services, where she is conducting research on the role of traditional climate knowledge systems in climate change adaptation and resilience building in Southeast Asia. Natalia is coordinator of SEI’s global Gender and Social Equality Programme.

Prior to joining SEI, Natalia worked for UK based Y Care International (YCI) as an intern and research consultant in disaster risk reduction and emergencies. Natalia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Durham University and a Master’s degree in Environment and Development from King’s College London. Her Master’s thesis focused on community risk perception and disaster preparedness in Madagascar and was conducted in collaboration with YCI and YMCA Madagascar.


Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia Centre


Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant

Sustainable Mekong Research Network

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