Our media grantee's podcast: Challenging the male status quo in water decisions in the Mekong Delta

This podcast by SUMERNET's media grantees discusses how women are challenging the mostly male-dominated decision-making processes in water management in An Giang province, Vietnam.

Giang Pham Sen Nguyen By Giang Pham , Sen Nguyen
Aug 11, 2022

The lower reaches of the Mekong River are facing impacts from a fourth year of drought conditions due to low rainfall couple with river flows affected by upstream hydroelectric dams.

This has overall resulted in the worst drought conditions in over six decades in the Mekong River, endangering the livelihoods of up to 70 million people. Vietnam, the last downstream country before Mekong River empties into the South China Sea, is no exception when it comes to water shortage.

It is not as simple as turning the tap off to save water, but also depends on plans and strategies in water decisions especially for growing rice to ensure food security.

Much of this decision-making process in water management is dominated by men in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.

This podcast produced by SUMERNET's media grantees takes us to a small border town district called Tinh Bien in An Giang province that is home to largely marginalized Khmer ethnic minority communities.

In this town, a group of female doctorates from An Giang University are collaborating with farmers and local officials to work on these topics, while challenging the status quo in the rural Mekong Delta as they go.

We interviewed this group before they concluded their research to learn their lessons that would be useful for those working in water management and gender inequality in the Mekong region to take from.

This podcast episode was produced by Vietnamese journalist, host and producer Sen Nguyen and multimedia storyteller and photojournalist Giang Pham as the part of SUMERNET media-research partnership grants.

Please listen to the podcast here:



SUMERNET provided eight grants worth up to US$2,800 to 8 journalists in the Mekong Region (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar) for partnership with SUMERNET and affiliated researchers to produce multimedia products on environmental topics in the Mekong Region.

During the partnership (from June 2021- June 2022), young journalists and multimedia producers have delivered different stories, blogs, documentaries on the environmental issues in collaboration with SUMERNET affiliated researchers from the different countries in the Mekong region. Media-research partnership grantees also organized a series of different trainings and sharing sessions for the media capacity development of the researchers.

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