Podcast - Reflexivity in research: five insights for improving interaction and reflections in knowledge production

How can researchers better design or plan research to allow for interactive reflections about their encounters shaping the mutual "dialogue of knowledge". Listen to our podcast to get five tips for improving research reflexivity.

Aug 29, 2022

SUMERNET researchers engage with a range of culturally, socially, and ecologically different situations especially with local actors who play a crucial role in the research process. Often, the research is shaped and influenced by these situations and encounters.

Researchers need to reflect on the choices made in designing research, and question what is valued or privilege, what is chosen or especially excluded in local contexts and in the "world out there".

We speak to Dr. Jonathan Rigg, currently a professor of geography at the University of Bristol in the UK, who reflects on his own experiences working on matters of agrarian change in mainland Southeast Asia – and beyond – since the early 1980s, having started in Northeast Thailand and then branched out to other regions of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

The podcast discusses how it is important for researchers to reflect on how their encounters with local situations and actors that are mutually influencing and shaping  the “dialogue of knowledge” and the process of knowledge construction.

Dr Jonathan provides five tips for early career researchers to help design or plan their research, to allow for interactive reflections on the part of the researchers especially when working with local actors and contexts that often can shape or consciously seek to shape the knowledge produced or the research outcomes.

Episode host: Rajesh Daniel
Sound editing: Rajesh Daniel and Kadesiree Thossaphonpaisan
Series producers: Rajesh Daniel and Variya Plungwatana

Download the transcript using the link below. Links for additional resources and reading are also included in the transcript.   


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