SUMERNET Vision Guide introducing the new phase "SUMERNET 4 All"

Rajesh Daniel By Rajesh Daniel - Nov 14, 2019

This “vision guide” presents an overview of SUMERNET - its origins and governance structure, background to the network, aims, key research areas, engagement with policy, and outreach products from the last 14 years since the network was established, and the focus in coming decade under SUMERNET 4 All or S4A (2019-2028).

This is an evolving document that will be revised regularly to reflect the needs and perspectives of the SUMERNET Steering Committee and the partners that form the network. Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome and can be addressed to the SUMERNET Secretariat that is hosted in the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia Centre, Bangkok.

The Vision Guide can be downloaded below.



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SUMERNET 4 All: Engaging with water insecurity in the Mekong Region


transboundary governance



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