“Sailing Towards Water Security”: A photo story

“Sailing Towards Water Security”, is a photo story by Aung Chan Thar from Myanmar.

Sep 27, 2023

Photo 1: Sailing Towards Water Security

The lives of Vietnamese fishermen who fish and trade in traditional boats at sea illustrate the importance of "water security for all." They depend on the sea for their livelihoods. They wake up early and get on their boats to get a good fish harvest. Their catch and trade sustain their families and the local economy. However, they face many challenges, such as overfishing by large-scale fishing boats and the impacts of climate change. For them, water security means protecting access to their fishing grounds and conserving their way of life.

Photo 2: Braving Waves

Vietnam's fish traders use their traditional small boats to reach deep into the sea, braving huge sea waves. These small boats are the lifeblood of coastal communities, providing a regular income through trade in fish. The unpredictability of the sea stresses the importance of ensuring the safety of sea lanes for small-scale fishing.

Harmony of the Seas

The laughter and chatter of fishers in their boats echoes in the calm mornings in the sea. Small traditional boats are sailing together with the larger commercial boats. The small, humble vessels symbolize the resilience and unity of coastal communities and their traditional knowledge. Their partnership underscores the collective effort needed to protect water security. 

Photo 3:Guardians of the Tide

On the bustling shores of the sea, a weathered grandfather stands, embodying the essence of “Water Security for All.” With eager anticipation in his eyes, he awaits the return of the traditional boats, symbols of his coastal community’s resilience and unity for generations. These boats carry not only fish but the hopes of the families for food and security. The wrinkles on his face tell the story of a lifelong connection to the sea.


This photo story was entered for the SUMERNET Young Professionals Photo Story competition on the theme of “Water Security for All.”  



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