Small Grants: Call for proposals open, apply before deadline 31st August

Small Grants: Call for proposals open with deadline 31st August

By Agus Nugroho , Oung Kham Oo
Jul 23, 2021

SUMERNET Small Grants

The Small Grant is one among six types of grants of SUMERNET, intended to support SUMERNET members and other partners in conducting various smaller-scale activities that improve the influence of SUMERNET research as listed below.

Launch of the call: 23rd July 2021

Deadline of proposal submission: 31st August 2021, 23:59 (Bangkok/Indochina time)

Submissions of proposals will ONLY BE ACCEPTED through online submission platform:


Total funds available in this round is 500,000 SEK (~US$ 55,000). The budget for each grant is between 30,000 SEK and 50,000 (~3,300-5,500 US$/grant). Depending on the quality of applications and their proposed budgets, up to 10-17 applications can be granted in this round. Individuals as well as organizations are eligible to apply. Funds need to be spent within a period of six months.

Recipients of previous or current SUMERNET grants[1] are eligible to apply if proposed activities are not already covered by other grants of SUMERNET and they demonstrate the capacity to perform the activities specified in the application, without impacting earlier committed work with SUMERNET.

Small grants must be used for the activities that address at least one of the following S4A research themes:
  1. Water access, rights and allocation in times of water scarcity
  2. Governance and management of water-related disaster risks
  3. Transboundary interactions with water system


The small grants can support the following types of activities:

  1. Hosting events for policy engagement, transdisciplinary dialogues, and knowledge-based policy development
  2. Participating in relevant academic, policy, media, or capacity building events to communicate research results
  3. Engaging in events, consultations and activities with key stakeholders such as policy makers, members of marginalized groups and/or women’s associations
  4. Exchange visits with other projects or teams for enhancing collaboration
  5. Activities or events to support proposal development with participation of different organizations, individuals or countries  
  6. Support the production of academic or non-academic[2] communications materials based on past or ongoing research, studies or assessments to influence regional policy and practice or raise public awareness on water insecurity topics
  7. Monitoring and evaluation of the outcomes and impacts of past projects funded by SUMERNET in previous phases

Selection criteria

Successful applications must fulfill the following criteria:


  • Focus on reducing water insecurity for all, in particular, for poor, marginalized and socially vulnerable groups of women and men in the Mekong Region
  • Proposed activities are in line with the scope of small grants
  • Consider gender and social equality, conflict sensitivity, pro-poor and rights-based approaches are mainstreamed into the design and implementation of the proposed activity
  • Have significant potential to lead to bigger impact in the future (e.g., impact on policy, practice, public awareness, additional funding could be secured, demonstrate the changes from past research inspire other network members or researchers, expanded partnership, increased cooperation)
  • Plan for realistic activities that could be implemented even though the pandemic may continue in the region 
  • Ability to manage the project and complete the activities within six months
  • The Lead Applicant must be a SUMERNET member from the Mekong Region. Applicants can apply to become a member, either before or on the date of proposal submission by filling in this online form
  • Young professionals[3] are also eligible to be the Lead Applicant or Co-lead Applicant. However, if they are under 25 years old, they need to have one or more experienced expert(s) to serve as their Co-lead Applicant or mentor to support the implementation of small grant activities. Their application will be assessed separately.


  • Applications led/co-led by women and involving female team members, young professionals and boundary partners are strongly encouraged

Expected outputs

  • Grant Utilization Report (SUMERNET Secretariat will provide a template)
  • Documentation as evidence of implementation of activities. Depending on the nature of funded activities, this may include, but is not limited to, copies of publications, news articles, minutes of meetings, photos of the event, final project proposals developed, blog, infographics, films, games, animations, stories of changes resulting from past research, etc.

A financial report listing the expenditure items with supporting documents corresponding to the expenditures. The Small Grants can cover the professional fee, not more than 40% of total grant only for Activities 6-7 listed in the scope above (i.e., Monitoring and evaluation of the outcomes and impacts of past projects funded by SUMERNET in previous phases and production of non-academic or academic communications materials for wide public). For other types of activities (Activities 1-5), the Small Grants can only cover direct costs, not professional fees. For the applications from the organizations, their normal overhead rate of the organization should be applied. This must not be higher than 15% of total grant received in any case and for individual grant, no overhead is allowed.


All activities and reports must be completed within 6 months.  

Application instructions

Interested applicants must submit an application using the SUMERNET online submission platform at: along with CV of Lead Applicant.  (Email submissions will not be accepted.)

If Lead Applicant or Co-lead Applicant are young professionals with age under 25 years, the CV of more senior expert(s) as Co-lead Applicant or mentor should be provided.  

For further inquiries please contact:

Ms. Unchulee Lualon

Programme Coordinator

Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia Centre

Phone: +66 (0)2 0730040-44


DOWNLOAD FILE_SUMERNET 4 All Small Grants: Call for Proposals


[1] These include previous or existing grantees of SUMERNET collaborative research grants, Groundwater Integrated Regional Assessment grant, COVID-19 emerging grant, Rapid Response Research Grant, Joint Action grants, small grants or fellowship grants already funded by SUMERNET.

[2] Non-academic materials in a variety of formats (e.g. infographics, films, blog, interactive games, photo stories, animations) and languages (e.g. English, local languages, Braille).  

[3] Network members under age 35 are considered as “Young professionals”.



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