Biodiversity Assessment and Media Training Workshop: Communicating on development, biodiversity and livelihoods in the Chindwin River Basin, 16-17 August 2018

Rajesh Daniel By Rajesh Daniel - Aug 9, 2018

SEI will hold a biodiversity training and media workshop for Myanmar in Monywa from 15-17 August 2018. The workshop is co-organized by Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Myanmar Environment Institute (MEI).

The aim of the workshop is to build the capacity of participants using tools for biodiversity assessment in the Chindwin River Basin.   

The media training will build the capacity of local Myanmar media in communicating on development, biodiversity and livelihood and bridging media-science-policy to raise public awareness on environment conservation.

During the workshop, the media participants will hear from SEI and MEI scientists about the scientific assessment of biodiversity in the Chindwin River Basin. The assessment includes key threats to Chindwin biodiversity, the uses of biodiversity resources by local people for their livelihoods, and the ways and means for protecting biological resources. Interactive sessions will help the media persons with practical tips for communicating on biodiversity and local livelihood issues, researching sources and interviewing, and identifying audiences for their stories.

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