Gender and social equity workshop to be held for SUMERNET partners

Rajesh Daniel By Rajesh Daniel - Aug 16, 2016

The workshop on gender and social equity to be held on 24 August in Bangkok will help SUMERNET partners develop a new gender and social equity research agenda for future SUMERNET projects. 

SUMERNET’s overarching research themes on ‘ecosystem services for local development,’ ‘sustainable regional economic integration,’ and ‘climate–compatible development’ require a gender and social equity lens to ensure that research findings apply both scientific rigor and holistic analytical approaches, and that envisaged pathways for sustainable development are inclusive, equitable and just. 

There are vital interconnections between gender, social equity, environment and development. Changes in the environment have different implications for different social groups: women and men, the poor and the well-off, particular ethnic and age groups, and those living in specifically vulnerable geographical and ecological contexts. Patterns of development and economic growth that neglect the needs of specific groups of people can exacerbate disparities, stratifying people into losers and winners, worsening living conditions and creating unjust outcomes. A deliberate focus on gender and social equity in environment and development research-for-policy can help achieve more inclusive benefits, and enhance human and environmental well-being. 

In light of these principles, the workshop aims to: 

• Re-visit key research findings to reflect on entry points for integrating gender and social equity issues; 

• Generate gender- and social equity hypotheses or propositions for future research; 

• Link gender and social equity with SUMERNET’s three overarching sustainable development themes. 

Please download the working agenda (below) for more details.


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