Policy briefings from work with the Mekong Partnership for the Environment (MPE)

Rajesh Daniel By Rajesh Daniel - May 12, 2017

Policy briefings on local participation in environmental assessment for infrastructure and development projects. These were produced from collaboration with the Mekong Partnership for the Environment (MPE).

1. Special Economic Zones in northeast Thailand: Integrating local knowledge as part of social and environmental safeguards produced by Local Act, Thailand. The policy briefing looks at the impacts on local community knowledge of the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) being established in northeast Thailand. It provides recommendations for local knowledge about the area’s ecosystems to be re-cognised in order to alleviate the impacts of, and improve the social and environmental safeguards for, the SEZ. 

2. Rubber plantations, EIA and people’s participation in Vietnam: from policy to practice produced by Centre for Environment and Community Assets Development (CECAD), Vietnam. The policy briefing looks at the urgent need for the Government of Vietnam to reevaluate the suitability and effectiveness ofthe rubber plantation development plans innorthwest Vietnam.

3. Impacts of hydropower development on livelihoods in Vietnam's 3S River Basin produced by Mekong Delta Development Research Institute, Vietnam.  This policy briefing presents the key findings from the research project on the impacts on livelihoods of the three large-scale hydropower plants of the Sesan-Srepok-Sekong (3S) River Basin . The briefing outlines policy recommendations to minimize the negative impacts while optimizing the benefits, particularly for displaced and affected communities in the 3S Basin. 

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