Researching "water insecurity": Perspectives from SUMERNET researchers

On the occasion of World Water Day 2020, we asked some of our SUMERNET researchers how they are addressing issues of water insecurity in their work.

Rajesh Daniel By Rajesh Daniel - Mar 22, 2020

In the ongoing phase of work (2019-2028), SUMERNET is providing grants for research focusing on “water insecurity” in the Mekong Region.

In this short film, we talked to some of the SUMERNET researchers about how their work deals with issues around water insecurity. The impressive range of research covers local empowerment for resilience, indigenous rights in the Salween Basin, rethinking human-nature dynamics for better water management, rights-based approaches in hydropower decision-making, building local food security in the uplands in Laos, regional ground water governance, women and marginalized in the Mekong Delta, and building “amphibious hubs” for flood-prone communities as part of climate  adaptation.

Watch the short film (5 mins):

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