Importance of community-based initiative for disaster risk reduction

Produced by the SUMERNET media-research partnership fund, this article highlights the consequences of flood disaster to the livelihood, infrastructure and socioeconomic development impacts to the communities in Myanmar and key elements for the disaster risk reduction and management plans.

Thinn Nay Chi Sun By Thinn Nay Chi Sun - Jun 17, 2022

As part of the work of the SUMERNET media-research partnership fund 2022, a young journalist from Myanmar, Thinn Nay Chi Sun, produced an article. “Importance of community-based initiative for disaster risk reduction”, by the consultations with different stakeholders such as affected communities in the high-risk area, and civil society organizations and non-government organizations who are engaging in the disaster risks reduction activities.

SUMERNET media & research partnership

This story was written by Thinn Nay Chi Sun. as the part of SUMERNET media-research partnership grants and was published in the Change Magazine.

Importance of Community-based Initiative for Disaster R... (

SUMERNET provided eight grants worth up to US$2,800 to 8 journalists in the Mekong Region (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar) for partnership with SUMERNET and affiliated researchers to produce multimedia products on environmental topics in the Mekong Region.

During the partnership (from June 2021- June 2022), young journalists and multimedia producers have delivered different stories, blogs, documentaries on the environmental issues in collaboration with SUMERNET affiliated researchers from the different countries in the Mekong region. Media-research partnership grantees also organized a series of different trainings and sharing sessions for the media capacity development of the researchers.

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